4 Side hustle ideas to make an extra $1,528 a month from home

4 Side hustle ideas to make an extra $1,528 a month from home

 What would you do with an extra $1000 a month? Would you start to pay off a mortgage? Would you put away money for savings? Perhaps for kids? College. Maybe there's a little toy you want to buy, like a brand new car? Or maybe you just want to put away some money and save for the future. Whatever it is that you need an extra $1000 a month for, I'm sure that I have the answer for you. In this video, I put together a list of seven of I believe the.

Up ways to make $1000 a month. Now these are super legit. These are not surveys or quick fixes or anything like that. In fact, the first three ways to make an extra $1000 a month are actually offline. OK, so they're going to take a little bit of elbow grease, but some of them are completely passive. 

And actually you might surprise yourself because you pretty much possess everything you need to get started with these side hustles today. 

And I'm also going to share a few online side hustles with you that you can also get started with.

A day and start earning some extra income. So if you're somebody who's maybe in between jobs looking for a job, maybe you're working, but you still need a little extra money right now. Or maybe you're in retirement and you want to make a couple extra bucks here and there a month, there's going to be some really, really cool options for you. So sit back, relax, and here we go.

Now, the first one on my list, I chuckle a little bit because I wish I knew about this is renting out your space.


Now, I'm not talking about renting out your home like an Airbnb, but do you have extra space in your yard? Maybe you have a completely big yard that you never touch. Maybe you have that like little kind of dirt patch back in the corner of your yard that just kind of sits there. It's ugly and you don't know what to do with it. Or maybe you have a massive driveway or a massive garage and there's just all this space.

And you don't know what to do with it. Well, you can go to siteslikeneighbor.com. Check this out. So this is my city here, Chicago, and I just went in here and did a quick search for space. Now there are people literally renting out their bedrooms. OK, But we want to focus more on just all around space. Here's an attic that is 15 by 1591 dollars a month. And then look at this. This is just a little dirt spot. It looks like a little driveway. Yeah, it's just.

Like a little empty parking spot and this is going for $76.00 a month. Now prices may vary depending on where you live, but also the needs are going to vary. 

Here in Chicago a lot of people are looking for parking spots, but where you live, maybe people are looking to park an RV during the winter or maybe they're looking to park a boat during the winter. So think about where you're located and what might be popular there. But you can see here on the map on the right, I mean there are hundreds if not thousands of these spaces for.

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And there's garages. There's just little bedrooms, parking lots. Here's somebody's basement. So this is actually a carpeted basement and they're charging $220 a month for an 18 by 16 basement.

So start getting the wheels churning and you know, be creative with it. So again, depending on where you live, maybe a basements more popular or maybe a yard is more popular if you have a lot of space, right. You could reach out to people for parking Rv's and boats and things like that. So check it out, its neighbor.

renting your car

Dot com Next up on our list is renting your car, right? If you have a car, guess what? You can rent it. There are sites like toro.com which is basically the Airbnb for cars. And it's interesting because when I've traveled I've noticed people driving really nice cars, but the license plates are from all over the place. So if you have a really, really nice car, let's say you have a Tesla or BMW or Mercedes, you.

Obviously charge higher. Now your car needs to be in good condition. I don't think it can be a full on lemon, but this is another great way to to make additional income. 

Maybe you have a job where you commute every day by train or you take the bus and your car is just sitting there. So depending on where you live in the country, if it's a relatively busy area, people will rent your car. And what's really interesting here is if you go down to where it says browse by make. These are some of the more popular types of cars. People love Jeeps, they love Tesla's, BMW's.

Subaru. Porsche, OK And then obviously if you have like a big SUV or a van, people love to rent vans and Suv's because they need to constantly move things, right? People are always moving. 

There's something a friend needs to move an old dresser or an old fridge. Come take a look. Also come down to the destinations, because right now, I don't know that they're in every single city, but you can come down here and check the different cities and see if there's something in your area. But I mean, here's one in here in Washington. Also, electric cars are big, pet.

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Friendly cars are big, of course. Any kind of oversize. So really, really cool. And then this is interesting. At the bottom here you have host, right? So if you've ever rented an Airbnb, you can rate the host right on a rating of 1 to 5. So if you start to do really well and your rankings get up, people are going to trust you more. 

And guess what? They're going to want to rent your car #3 on our list. Now this one, guys, is going to take a little bit of elbow grease, but I can tell you first hand, because I used to do this, I made a lot of money doing. This, and I think my startup cost was around $50.

washing windows

I literally went to Home Depot, and if you've seen some of my older videos, I've talked about my Home Depot bucket. I still have it. I went to Home Depot, I bought one of those orange buckets, A squeegee and a few rags, and I started knocking on windows and offering to clean their windows, right. I went to storefronts and offices and doctors. But where you can make really good money with window cleaning is by going to homes.

OK, going to actual houses now. I did a little research before this. I was curious on how many windows a home actually has and it says the average home in the US has eight windows. Now the best way to go about doing this to actually make good money is you charge a per window fee.

per window

But if somebody has less than a certain amount of windows, like they say the average house in America has eight windows, you know you're only going to make around 40-50 bucks if you're charging per window. So my recommendation is you charge a flat fee of say 100.

Dollars and then every window over, let's say 8, because that's an average. You charge 2 to $3.00 per window. Or depending on your location here in Chicago, you might be able to get away with five to $6 per window. And as you start to build up these homes, guess what? These people are repeat customers. 

They come back in the spring, right? Because after winter the windows are really dirty, they need to clean them. And then one time in the summer and then again one more time before winter. So some of these clients you can get for two to three times a year. And also here's a little bonus tip for you is you can.

Add on things like fan cleaning, mirror cleaning, you can clean their gutters, all kinds of stuff, so look up right.

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