Some of the best lightweight manual wheelchairs you've ever seen in wheelchair for travel

Some of the best lightweight manual wheelchairs you've ever seen in wheelchair for travel

Hi, I'm Joseph from One 800 Wheelchair. Today we're going to talk about my five favorite wheelchairs. I've been selling wheelchairs for over 20 years and over to over 1,000,000 customers. Before we jump into the wheelchairs, I want to tell you about four things you should you should think about before buying a wheelchair.

The weight

Of the person. So traditionally wheelchairs come in generally two kinds of sizes. If you're under £250. If you're under £250 you should invest in a wheelchair, that is the seat is 18 inches wide. If you're over £250 then you should look at wheelchairs that are wide, so it could be a 20 inch or a 22 inch and further the second thing, which I personally think is.

Literally the most important thing in wheelchairs is the weight of the wheelchair.

Chair Weight

You should never buy a wheelchair that's more than £25. We only recommend our customers to buy wheelchairs that are under £25 and the reason is because the lighter the wheelchair, the easier it is for you to lift it into a car and also easier for you to propel. Traditionally wheelchairs that are heavier are a little bit more economical.

They're cheaper. For the ones you may see online, they're really, really cheap, but they're really, really heavy. The third thing that you should think about is where will the chair be used, if it's going to be used 

indoors or outdoors

Or both. And that's a very important part of the wheelchair buying process as well. And the fourth thing is wheelchair comfort if you or a loved one are going to be sitting in a chair more than two to three hours a day.

Wheelchairs, by the very nature, they're very thin fabric and they're not really comfortable to sit on. And if you sit on a wheelchair for a long periods of time, they can create different ulcers on the body and you should invest in a comfortable wheelchair cushion that will distribute the weight and make it comfortable to sit in. These five wheelchairs are not necessarily in order of importance, but they're my 5, they're my five favorite wheelchairs and they work for different situations, so.

Medline Ultralight Transport Chair

We've been literally selling this chair for 20 years and the reason why it's our number one transport chair is because it weighs only £15. It's ideal use are for short trips to the doctor or going to the mall or going out into the park. The reason why it's good for short trips is because it has very, very small wheels. If you're using it for a long period of time, you probably want to have wheelchairs with the larger wheels.

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Again, the wheelchair weighs only £15 and it's super compact and it folds really compact and it can fit into any car in any closet. My second pick is the strong back ergonomic wheelchair. What I love about this chair is that it checks a lot of the boxes. First of all, it's the only wheelchair that is ergonomic, most wheelchairs you'll see the seats are like an L There's a flat back and a flat seat, this wheelchair.

The back is curved and the seat is curved and what that does it mimics the body and it also stops a person from slouching over. It is the only fully ergonomic wheelchair you will find. So for people who are sitting in a wheelchair for a long time and also as you age you may slouch a little bit so this will prevent that and this helps you sitting up straight. What I also love about the wheelchair is it's lightweight, it weighs 25 pounds.

It also comes with an option of pop off wheels. So if you want to put the wheelchair in a tight place, the wheels pop off and it makes the wheelchair also a little bit lighter. The strong back ergonomic wheelchair luckily enough comes in two models, a wheelchair with the really really large back wheels and if you want it for sure trips. It also comes with a smaller wheels which is a ergonomic transport wheelchair for smaller trips for travel.

Quickie 2 Wheelchair by Sunrise Medical

This wheelchair is what we call a performance wheelchair, so it's like as if you are it. It operates like a race spike, so the only drawback is that it could be a little bit expensive, but it's worth the price. It starts a little bit over $1200. This wheelchair is completely customized and built around the body of the person who's sitting in it.

It has over 100,000 different configurations and it's made to order. It's super, super lightweight. It weighs around £25. You can choose many different colors, you could choose many different seat sizes, seat heights, how you want the back to be angled and it also is a foldable chair, so it's a performance chair. It it operates like a race bike, it's super light, but it also can be a little bit expensive.

But it's worth the money for my 4th and our fifth pick. To be honest, I'm a little bit biased, but after 20 years of selling wheelchairs we decided to build what we want to consider the perfect wheelchair. And it's the Feather Chair collection and it's a combination of two chairs. The our hero product is the Feather Chair and it's a 13 pound wheelchair. That's correct. Most wheelchairs you see weight around £35.

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We decided to figure out a way how to cut the weight in half as people age and they're taking care of their elderly parents. We built this chair with the caregiver in mind. This chair is so light that almost anybody could lift it and put it into a car. So the wheelchair in its entirety weighs 19 pounds. When you pop off the wheels, it weighs 13 pounds.

It has beautiful colors. It comes in a matte Gray and in a matte black, has many different cushions and you can change the colors on it. It folds really tight and it will fit into any car. After selling the Feather Chair for about two years, our customers wanted a larger size. So we developed a second Feather chair which is called.

Feather Chair Heavy Duty

And it has a wide seat. Which is 22 inches wide and it can hold a capacity of up to £350. Now here's the kicker, the weight of the heavy duty wheelchair only weighs 19 pounds, so most heavy duty wheelchairs can weigh over £40.00. But if someone is on the heavier side and wants to be in a wheelchair, they can travel and throw into a car. This one weighs only £19.

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