Best Ice Fishing Chair 2023? Vanish 360 Swivel Hunting and will discuss everything

Best Ice Fishing Chair 2023? Vanish 360 Swivel Hunting and will discuss everything

So if I want a chair, that might be the perfect ice fishing chair right here. Let's take a look at this. This is something that's available as we're getting into the upcoming hunting season and you got to check this out, especially if you've got a hub style fish house. So there it is. This is from Vanish. This is their their swivel chair.

It has full 360 degree swivel capability, and since it's a hunting chair, the swivel mechanism is very, very quiet. This particular chair can handle roughly about 250 pounds, is what we were looking at. Now. There's a couple of different chairs available right now during hunting season, and some of these are actually really kind of cool.

Now what I wanted to show you is that this is the chair and this is one of the standard folding chairs that I've seen a lot of folks using in their hub style fish house because it's, you know, a camping chair and this one's been taken on trips all over, but it's a camping chair that you could use in your hub style. Here's what I wanted to show you. We're going to come and look at the the footprint of it, Check out how much space you're going to need.

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Much less half the space, maybe something to that effect. Now one thing is with your a lot of your your camping chairs, you don't have any metal bar across the back and that is possibly one downfall is that it is padded, but there is a metal bar right here that goes across your back depending upon your height. My 11 year old sat on it and it was high enough where it didn't affect him.

Ice Fishing Chair

No metal bars the rest of the way down. And then we have a very secure seat platform that has, you know, an inch and a half of padding. Not the greatest padding in the world, but it's going to work for what you want to do. The part that I like is that if I'm sitting here fishing and let's say I've got a hole here in front of me and then I have a hole off to the side, if I want to go and turn that way, I've got to pick up the chair and move it. If I've got a hole, you know, whatever. And then say, OK, I'm facing that hole.

Camera down here, another hole over here. If I want to turn and face this hole, well I'm either looking over my shoulder or I got to put the chair and turn it. Hey, check this out with the swivel hole there. Camera here, hole here, whatever. Ooh, I'm facing that hole. Ooh, I'm facing this hole. I love that that ability to to pivot like that. Secondly, check out that small footprint compared to.

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The footprint of a regular camping chair. And yes, there's a lot of ice fishing chairs out there, but this I think is going to be something I like a little bit better because it folds down. Let me show you this. It folds down. Yeah. Let me just do this one handed here, which can be done one handed. I've even taken the packaging off from it. I was so excited to show this to you because they're only on sale for a limited time here from some of the some of the companies. I'll put a link in the description so you can find this one out.

Top Ice Fishing Chair most popular 

But this folds down and I can throw it in in the back of my Ranger. Actually, I have two of them and I can throw those in the back of my Ranger and off we go. And then for if I have a third child with me or a third person with me, we will either have to get another one or we'll have to do go back to the old traditional. But for space savings and at pivoting, this is definitely something you want to check out. Let me just show you this again.

This is the Vanish. This is the swivel chair that with a 360 360 degree access so you can go all the way around. Heck, you could have holes all the way around in your hub shelter. Again, I'll put a link in the description below so you can go check this out. This is John Young here with the Weekend Sportsman.

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