How To Make an Easy DIY Storage Ottoman Cube With a Tray Top!

How To Make an Easy DIY Storage Ottoman Cube With a Tray Top!

This is a simple Ottoman cube, and it has storage in it. But wait, there's more. The top flips over and turns into a tray, and it is so easy to make. Let's build.

I cut up the plywood on my table saw. You could also use a circular saw with a straight edge guide. As always you can find the cut list and the plans for the build on my website link in the description below. Then I took them over and made pocket holes. Plywood needs a special setting on the crack Jake, so be sure to read the linked article to get all the details.

Step 1: diy storage ottoman ideas

Then it was time to put the box together. I made sure that the pocket holes were facing outside because I wanted the inside of the Ottoman to be without holes and the outside will get covered up anyways.

I love using the right angle clap to make sure everything is square, as I feel is especially important in this case because you need to have the tray fit in perfectly as well. Then I cut the bottom out of 1/2 inch plywood and attached it using finished nails and glue.

I did the box indoors and wrapped it in batting. To do this I used a staple gun and 516th inch staples. I have a full list of tools and materials I used in the description below.

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It was time to go on to the outer fabric. I decided to go with this heavy duty green vinyl so it was easy to clean, but any upholstery fabric will do as well. I cut it up into squares large enough to wrap each side to get the crease on all edges. I made a fold and stapled the inside. Then I folded it over and stapled it down. Then the other end was simply stable to the box.

Step 2: diy storage ottoman coffee table

Now for the top, I sprayed adhesive and glued the foam to the half inch Viber. The foam is cut a tad larger than the flyber. Then I wrapped it in batteries and finally I wrapped it in my vinyl.

Time to build the print. It is basically 1/2 inch plywood with one by two pieces.

My original idea was to simply goo and clamp, but that didn't quite workout because the pieces kept moving and everything was not square. So I decided to just go ahead and nail that in. Oh and also I did add edge band to attach the tray to the upholstered top. I added clapped plywood buffers in the middle. I used half inch buffers because my fabric was really thick.

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I just used glue and then I added a few finished nails to keep everything together. Next I installed one by two supports inside the Ottoman 2 inches from the edge. This is how deep the tray is. I stained the tray and the insides of warm brown and added table leg plates and small bum feet.

Super easy and quick. It's an automan, it's got storage and it's a quick remember. You can get the plan in more details on how to build this with the link in the description below. You might also like this easy DIY storage bench or you might like this project. And don't forget to hit subscribe so you don't miss out on any future projects.

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