Top 4 Side Hustles To Earn $1200 Daily From Your Phone (Side Hustles With No Experience) | Earn money

Top 4 Side Hustles To Earn $1200 Daily From Your Phone (Side Hustles With No Experience) | Earn money

Everyone watching this video has a smartphone, and in today's video I'm going to show you 10 side hustles that you can use that same smartphone to make you $1000 every single day. Side hustle.

Amazon Retail arbitrage 

Top 4 Side Hustles To Earn $1200 Daily From Your Phone (Side Hustles With No Experience) | Earn money

Now on average Amazon produces 1.3.Billion dollars in sales every single day. That is more money than entire industries producing a year. And you can grab a piece of that pie without ever having to create your own business by leveraging this trick called Amazon Retail arbitrage. 

Amazon retail arbitrage is something that I've spoken here on the channel before and it consists in the act of you becoming an affiliate for big brands. Kind of like this microphone right here, Rd. 

become an affiliate for those brands. Most of these brands have affiliate programs on their websites and all you have to do is just do a little simple basic Google search how to become an affiliate for X brand and you're going to.

Find a simple form online that you can feel and like this. You can become an affiliate for them, something like Sony. You can leverage the trust and authority that a company has, and by doing that, you're not going to have to start from zero. You don't have to handle shipping, you don't have to have a warehouse, you don't have to have stock, and you can literally do this from your phone. What you have to do is go to your App Store, download the Amazon FBA app on your phone. Whether you're using an iOS device or an Android device, you can't download it. If you're using an iOS device, go to App Store. If you're using an Android device, just go to your Play Store and type in Amazon FBA. After you find the app, just create a Basic.

Account sign up and become an Amazon FBA seller. And what the smart ones are doing these days are they go to the supermarkets close to their house, they find good products, they scan the barcodes of those products using the Amazon FBA app.

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And by doing that you're going to be able to see how much people are selling that same product for on the Amazon platform. From that you're going to see how much the supermarket is selling it for and you're already going to be able to calculate your potential profit. If you see that the product is profitable and there's lots of it on Amazon, then you can buy a few units from the store that you're in right now, ship them to an Amazon warehouse and then put.

Them U for sale. That's it. Once Amazon receives your product, you're going to be able to start selling. Once you make a sale, Amazon will handle the shipping and returns for you, and you get to keep the profit in between.

Some of the stores that people go to to get these products are Target, Dollar Generals, Marshals, Ross. You can just go to the nearest store close to your house with a little Google search that you can do really, really quick online. All it takes for you to hit $1000 online is to find one product that sells and if you follow the step by step that I just gave you, that is very easy to find. And remember that all of these methods that I'm teaching here on my channel I also teach in Pro University. So if you're interested in learning from me and diving deep into these topics, check it out in the description. Now for #2 on the list, all you need to know is how to speak English you.

Discord moderators

Don't even have to be fluent at it, but if you are, it helps a lot, which is becoming a Discord moderator. Right now there's a huge unmet need for Discord moderators. I myself need Discord moderators and as a Discord moderator, which you can easily do from your phone, your job will basically be to go into Discord servers and manage the server by making sure that every single person in there is following the guidelines of that specific server that you're moderating. Just make sure that people aren't spamming their links, people aren't swearing at each other. Basically just following the basic guidelines and maybe even having to interact.

With other Discord members and the actual beauty of this side hustle is that you don't have to manage just one Discord server. You can literally manage multiple Discord servers and charge $1000 each. This will also allow you to make the most amount of your time because you don't have to leave your house. 

You're literally just using the same app to do various servers and a pro tip. If you want to earn even more than you can turn this into an agency service, you can hire other people to help you do that job and then you can pay them a cut of whatever it is that you're getting paid. Basically turning this into a passive income side hustle and to be able to do this you're going.

To take advantage of contractor arbitrage. And what that means is that you're going to be hiring people from third world countries like South America, Asia or Africa, and you're going to be paying them in the money that you're going to be receiving. That way you can take advantage of their cheaper currencies.

And make no mistake, that will be a very good job for them, because doing these jobs they usually get paid a lot more than they would working in their specific countries. 

Amazon review

Now the next side hustle on this list might be one of the easiest methods for making money online for free with very minimal effort, which is making review videos on Amazon, another one that I've covered here on the channel before. If you literally go to Amazon right now and you search for a specific product, look on the reviews, you're going to see that people are leaving those videos. And the massive opportunity behind all those videos is that most of the products right now don't have any review.

Videos. This is a highly untapped side hustle that a lot of people don't know about. And if someone watches at least 30 seconds of your video review and then proceed to buy that product or a similar product on Amazon, you will get a Commission from the sale. Let's say you go to Amazon right now and you search for a technology product. 

Click on the reviews and you'll see that the number of video reviews is very, very small. If not, a lot of products don't even have them. Only a fraction of the buyers actually leave a video review, which means that the product has loads of cells. And I'm pretty sure that if you've already bought something on Amazon, then it is really.

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Pretty good when you see a review video of that specific product because you can really get an idea what what the product looks like. Personally, the first thing that I look for when I'm buying a product on Amazon is the review videos. And remember what I said? Most people don't even know that this is a thing. There's no competition. 

And if you go back to Amazon and look for one of those products that don't have video reviews and you look at the number of ratings it has, you're going to see how true this is. Most people just buy, they rate the product, but they never know about the side house which is making the video reviews and getting paid for them. Every single time you do this, Amazon will pay you a 2%. 

Information on electronics and although it may not sound like a lot, it can escalate pretty pretty fast and one of the reasons for that is because of the amount of people that are constantly buying on Amazon. Remember 1.3 billion every single day And let's say you leave a review for a product and that product goes on to sell 50,000 times. 

You will make $1000 from that product alone. And the more products that you review, it goes on top of each other. And in time you're going to have so many products being reviewed at a time that is going to make you more and more money the more you do it. And like I said in the beginning of the video, all of these side houses can easily be done.

From your phone, you can easily make the video from your phone and post it from your phone. That's very very easy to do and you will have to buy the product to be able to review it. But what you can do is if you haven't already bought it for yourself, you can easily buy the product review and then return it. 

stock photos

That's it. And we all know most of these websites used for selling stock photos, but I recently came around another website that pays you even more money for the pictures that you take, which is IM. IM is a website that aims to connect sellers to buyers. Basically, you're going to get 50% of every single image that you sell on IM and every.

Every single premium image is selling for 200 bucks, so all you need to do is get good at taking some pictures with your phone, and if you know how to do that, you can easily post some pictures online and start selling. If you go to the IM website, you're going to be able to see lots of photos that you can easily take from your phone, use some online software to curate them, and if you have Photoshop, that's even better and you can list them on IM and get paid 200 bucks per premium photo that you sell. Go to the IM website, sign up for a free account, get your phone out, go to some park close to your house and start taking some really good photos. Another.

Thing that you can easily do from your phone right now is to sign up for Weeble. They'll give you 12 fractional shares valued up to $30,600. So if you want to do that just check out the link in the description. The next side hustle has a very low barrier to entry as long as you know English and some basic rules of writing and editing. You can easily get started with this using just your phone. To be able to do this you don't even have to be proficient in English Grammarly.

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