Best 10 Tips For Genshin Impact Official 4.2 Livestream Rescheduled Date

Best 10 Tips For Genshin Impact Official 4.2 Livestream Rescheduled Date

Best 10 Tips For Genshin Impact Official 4.2 Livestream Rescheduled Date

All right, it's finally official and the screenshot we saw of the reschedule was indeed real. A couple of hours ago, Genshin impact official Twitter tweeted about the new time and date of the live stream, and it is exactly as we discussed in the last video.

The exclusive first stream will start on Twitch on November 3rd at 8:10 AM U TC4, and they also provided YouTube time on November 3rd at 9:10 AM U TC4, which means this Friday. 

Honestly, everything about the live stream except the trailer and a few events was accidentally released on the PlayStation Blog and many people already saw and read through it. I just hope the hype is still alive.

If you keep up with Star Rail as well, you will see that both Genshin and Han Kai's live streams are on the same date, but of course not at the same time. That's pretty much the most important part of this video which is the date and time. Mark your calendars or put a reminder or something for the live stream because it will be really cool. Also, don't forget about the live stream codes. I'll make a mini video just talking about the live stream codes when it comes out. 

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Also you will find it in the community post as well. If you want more details on the live stream, you can check out the official Genshin Twitter. But as a general point, Genshin always streams first on Twitch. 

If you can't find the live stream, just look up your favorite Genshan creator that goes live all the time. Most Genshan content creators will be streaming it either on YouTube or Twitch this Friday. You can also search for the Genshan Impact 4.2 live stream countdown on Thursday or Friday on YouTube and you will find many channels. So what do you think? Comment down your thoughts and while you are at it like and sub 20 and turn on the notifications as well so you don't miss out on anything.

Thank you for watching and have a wonderful day everyone.

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